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New Vinyl Reissue Of Crazy Beat Of,,, Album With 4 Bonus Tracks


Title Label Number
The Crazy Beat Of Gene Vincent Wax Time LP772127

Crazy Beat(153/9/M)/Important Words(103/13)/
It’s Been Nice (Goodnight)(155/13/M)/Lonesome Boy(85/7*)/
Good Lovin’(157/14/M)/I’m Gonna Catch Me A Rat(154/13/M)/
Anna Annabelle(100)/If You Want My Lovin’(160)//Rip It Up(96/13)/
High Blood Pressure(98/10)/That’s The Trouble With Love(156/14/M)/
Weeping Willow(152)/Teardrops(159/18/M)/Gone, Gone, Gone(101/11)/
Mister Loneliness(158)/Dance In The Street(64)