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Footage Of Gene Vincent After The 1960 Car Accident That Killed Eddie Cochran

Gene Vincent in hospital 1960

REF No Date/Location/Title Notes
20 April 1960
St Martin’s Hospital, Bath & other locations
Footage shot for Fox Movietone News
The hospital/Gene Vincent in bed/
two fans arriving to visit him/
wrecked car/the accident spot
Silent B&W 1m40s

1969 TV Footage From France

Gene Vincent performing on French regional TV 1969

REF No Date/Location/Title Notes
25 October 1969
Le Drac-Ouest? Grenoble, France
French regional ORTV programme
Brief interview/Long Tall Sally (excerpt) Interview commented over in French c13s/Live performance footage c30s B&W

Spaceship To Mars Movie Version

Dec 1961 Shepperton Film Studios, Middlesex, UK
V27 amend to Spaceship To Mars(edit of 175/b/M)

Amateur Footage From France 1963

Replace entry 26 Jan 1963 with:

REF No Date/Location/Title Notes
V28 23/24? & 26 January 1963 Orly Airport, Paris & Nancy, France Amateur footage
Silent 8mm footage of Gene with French fans outside Orly Airport & in street outside Salle Poirel in Nancy Colour c1m30s


V27 for COLOUR read B&W

V47 for 12 Oct 1968 read 12 Oct 1969

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