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Uncut January 2008

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UNCUT January 2008

GENE VINCENT The Outtakes Bear Family
1958-’67 session tapes yield eye-popping 226-track extravaganza

Bear Family’s zeal for completeness has no peer…The Outtakes pours forth some eight hours of heretofore unheard sessions. False starts, fascinating fly-on-the-wall repartee, and countless takes of Gene trying to revive - sometimes with the flimsiest of material - the Blue Caps’ visionary, frenzied intensity…Nonetheless,Vincent was an estimable singer, moving through orchestrated pop…, swampy blues…, and folk/rock…with a graceful ease antithetical to the pained, downward spiral of his career. Vincent cultists will dig; nonbelievers may convert upon hearing 20 sizzling minutes of the Blue Caps’ “Rip It Up”.

Luke Torn

Blue Suede News #81 Winter 2007/2008

Blue Suede News #81 cover
The Outtakes
6-CD digibox with 76-page booklet BCD 16842 FR

An intriguing follow-up to the 8-CD set Gene Vincent - The Road Is Rocky (Complete Studio Masters 1956-1971), this 6-CD set, comprised of every known outtake, false start and dialogue, is a completist’s dream. Featuring superb sound quality, the listener can actually hear how the various bands worked it out with Vincent in the studio. According to re-issue producer Derek Henderson, the singer’s 1956-1957 sessions tapes have yet to be located, but a wealth of great material exists from his later era…

Packaged in a digibox set…with liner notes by Steve Aynsley, this remarkable collection features dozens of alternates that have never been released before. This painstakingly remastered set bring us closer to the people that created the music while showcasing the creative genius of the late Gene Vincent.

Johnny Vallis

Jukebox November 2007

Jukebox magazine cover November 2007

JUKEBOX No250 Novembre 2007

Du nouveau sur GENE VINCENT

Aprés la sortie en 2006 du trés coffret de l’intégrale studio de Gene Vincent , Bear Family récidive avec un opus de 6 CD comprenant des prises différentes et pour la plupart inédites, “THE OUTTAKES” (BCD 16842)…

Dans cette nouvelle mouture, le compilateur Derek Henderson dévoile l’intégralité de toutes ces prises incluant les faux départs, des dialogues, et des versions complètes totalement inédites. On a ici affaire à un transfert numérique de haute qualité mis il est dommage que ce coffret soit du format d’un CD ce qui réduit l’attrait des nombreuses photos inédites du livret…

Maigré toutes ces recherches, Derek Henderson n’a pas réussi à localiser de bandes concernant les trois derniers 33 tours de Gene. Quoi qu’il en soit, ce coffret est vivement conseillé aux fans de Gene Vincent.

Didier Delcourt

Something new on Gene Vincent

After the appearance in 2006 (sic) of the complete studio masters Gene Vincent box, Bear Family do it again with a 6 CDs work containing different, and mostly unreleased, tracks, “THE OUTTAKES” (BCD 16842)…

In this new reworking, the compiler Derek Henderson unveils all these recordings in full, including false starts, dialogue, and full versions which were never issued. We’re dealing here with a high-quality digital transfer, but it’s a shame that the box is in single CD-size, which reduces the attractiveness of the numerous unpublished photos in the booklet…

In spite of all his research, Derek Henderson has not managed to locate any tracks from Gene’s last three albums. Be that as it may, this box is warmly recommended to fans of Gene Vincent.

(Thanks to Nicola Thwaite for translation)

Now Dig This October 2007

Now Dig This October 2007 cover

Now Dig This UK Issue 295 October 2007

GENE VINCENT The Outtakes Bear Family BCD 16842
For any Vincent diehard this perfectly compliments (sic) Bear Family’s recent boxed set, ‘The Road Is Rocky - The Complete Studio Masters’… Bear Family have served Gene’s followers well in providing this sumptuous finale…There’s a mammoth seven and a half hours of musical history in this little box that no Gene Vincent fan will want to be without.

Harry Dodds