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(quoted in full)
(New Musical Express)
(August 1961)

GENE VINCENT’s tragedy-scarred personal life has again caused him to break off a tour of Britain and return to the States because he is too ill to carry on.

The decision for Vincent to wind up his tour was made at the weekend - five days after Gene collapsed in his dressing room at Glasgow and was rushed to hospital.

Although his condition was serious, he insisted on leaving hospital two days later to fulfil bookings.

Last summer, while Vincent was touring under Larry Parnes’ auspices, he returned to the States suddenly.

Vincent flew form London Airport on Monday morning, while European manager Don Arden cancelled his dance-hall bookings…

“Gene is very sick, and at one point near death,” Arden told the NME this week. “It is best that he should return to the States, but I expect to start soon on setting up a plan for him to return later in the year.”

The title of Gene’s latest record, recorded in London last month with Sounds Incorporated backing him and issued by Capitol today (Friday) is entitled, coincidentally, “Going Home”!

(quoted in full)