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Autograph book page 18 May 1960

Gene Vincent autograph

Gene Vincent's autograph

Gene Vincent

This autograph was obtained during a weeklong series of performances at the Hippodrome Theatre, Brighton, Sussex UK. We rushed round to the Stage Door after the show, and when Gene and Jerry Keller got into their car to return to London, my friend Phil Green and I jumped on my BSA motorcycle and tore off after the car, accompanied by another friend John Knight on his old Matchless.

When we got to the outskirts of the town, I rode up alongside the car and Phil, on the tandem seat, passed my autograph book and a pen through the rear window to Gene, me yelling “Two, Gene, please”. The nice taxi driver continued to drive along at a steady speed, although goodness knows what he thought of this caper. Gene duly signed the book twice and passed it back out to Phil.

I peeled back to let John try and repeat the exercise, but the driver had had enough by then, and accelerated away, leaving one frustrated and disappointed fan on his flagging motorbike.