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For Completists Only

This section lists the records required to have a complete collection of all released Gene Vincent music.

Bear Family Box Set cover
The Road Is Rocky
Complete Studio Masters 1956 - 1971
(8CD Box Set) GERMANY (2005)
Bear Family Records BCD 16527 HL
Re-issue Producer: Derek Henderson
(All of Gene Vincent’s master recordings in superb quality)

A Piece At A Time (2CD) UK (2016) Rollercoaster Records RCCD 3062 & A Piece At A Time (LP) UK (2018) Rollercoaster Records ROLL 2030
(A Piece At A Time (previously unknown title & demo recording from 1967))

Crazy Times (CD) FRANCE (1999) Magic Records 5221542
(All the Ken Nelson produced stereo tracks from these sessions)

The Gene Vincent Box Set (6CD Box Set) UK (1990) EMI CDS 7 94593 2
(Mono masters of Crazy Beat, I’m Gonna Catch Me A Rat,
It’s Been Nice (Goodnight), Good Lovin’, Mister Loneliness,
Baby Don’t Believe Him, Lucky Star)

Be-Bop-A-Lula ‘62 FRANCE (2010) Magic Records French EP No 18
(Mono masters of Be-Bop-A-Lula ‘62 & King Of Fools)

Temptation Baby FRANCE (2010) Magic Records French EP No 22
(Mono master of Where Have You Been All My Life)

Long Tall Sally FRANCE (2010) Magic Records French EP No 23
(Mono master of Private Detective)

Rock ‘N’ Roll Legend (4LP Box Set ) FRANCE (1977) Capitol 2C 154 85071/4
(Mono masters of You’re Still In My Heart, Held For Questioning & (if you really need it!) the mono version of the stereo take of Darlene)

Outtakes box cover
The Outtakes (6CD Box Set) GERMANY (2007) Bear Family Records BCD16842 HL
Re-issue Producer: Derek Henderson
(All known Gene Vincent outtakes in superb quality)

The Lost Dallas Sessions 1957-’58 (CD) USA (1998) Dragon Street Records DSD-70198/UK (1998) Rollercoaster Records RCCD 3031
(Home recordings/demos/live tracks from 1957-8 - see LIVE RECORDINGS)

Various Artists - Rock ‘N’ Roll Radio Australia 1957 (CD) UK (2003)
Rockstar Records RSRCD 022
(2 live recordings from 1957 - see LIVE RECORDINGS)

Eddie Cochran/Gene Vincent - The Town Hall Party Shows (CD) UK (1999) Rockstar RSRCD 016
(live recordings from 1958-9 - see LIVE RECORDINGS)
NB Gene Vincent - At Town Hall Party (DVD) GERMANY (2002) Bear Family Records BVD 20003 AT contains better quality audio and an extra show

Blue ‘Gene’ Bop (CD) UK (2005) Rockstar RSRCD 025
(A number of radio broadcast tracks in good quality - see BROADCASTS & LIVE RECORDINGS)

That Be-Bop-A-Lula Cat (CD) (2006) Virginia 357-1-2
(Rehearsal tape plus 4 live recordings from Lyon 1967, 4 demos from 1969, & 2 live recordings from USA 1971 - see LIVE RECORDINGS)

It’s Trad Dad (CD) UK (2013) Hallmark 713302
(Movie soundtrack version of Spaceship To Mars)

Rebel Heart UK (1992) Magnum Force CDMF 087
Rebel Heart Vol. 2 UK (1995) Magnum Force CDMF 093
Rebel Heart Vol. 3 UK (1996) Magnum Force CDMF 096
Rebel Heart Vol. 4 UK (1996) Magnum Force CDMF 097
Rebel Heart Vol. 5 UK (1998) Magnum Force CDMF 099
Rebel Heart Vol. 6 UK (1999) Magnum Force CDMF 101
Rebel Heart Vol. 7 UK (1999) Magnum Force CDMF 102
Rebel Heart Vol. 8 UK (2003) Magnum Force CDMF 108
Rebel Heart Vol. 9 UK (2005) Magnum Force CDMF 110
Rebel Heart Vol. 10 UK (2008) Magnum Force CDMF 111
(All these CDs contain a variety of rare material)

Eddie Cochran - Live Performances 1957 - 1960 (CD) UK (2008)
Rockstar Records RSRCD 030
(5 broadcast tracks Wild Cat, My Heart, Dance In The Street, My Babe &
White Lightning - see BROADCASTS)

On Tour With Gene Vincent & Eddie Cochran (EP) UK (1986)
Rockstar Records RSR-EP 2013
(2 broadcast tracks Say Mama & Be-Bop-A-Lula - see BROADCASTS)

Joe Meek - Portrait Of A Genius UK (4CD Box Set) (2005) Castle CMXBX783
(1 film soundtrack recording Temptation Baby)

The 25th Anniversary Tribute Album (Bootleg CD) Japan (1996)
Jasmac R-96803562
(1 live recording Susie Q - see LIVE RECORDINGS)

Bird Doggin’ (CD) UK (2002) Magnum Force CDMF 109
(Ain’t That Too Much stereo master without backing vocal overdub)

Rhythm In Blue (Bootleg LP) (1979) Bluecap Records BC 2-11-35
(1 live track Baby Blue - see LIVE RECORDINGS)

The Screamin’ Kid Live! (Bootleg EP ) France (1969) 20240
(2 live tracks Born To Be A Rolling Stone & Be-Bop-A-Lula - see LIVE RECORDINGS)

Rareties (Bootleg LP) France (1985) Dr Kollector CRA 001
(2 hotel recordings Stand By Me & Chain Gang)

Mal Gray and the Wild Angels - Rock ‘N’ Roll Man (CD) UK (2007) Rockstar RSRCD 029
(4 rehearsal recordings I Heard That Lonesome Whistle (twice),
Good Golly Miss Molly (false start) & Good Golly Miss Molly)

White Lightning (CD) UK (2003) Hux Records HUX042
(4 broadcast tracks from last studio recording - see BROADCASTS)
The Last Session (CD) USA (1987) Strange Fruit DEI 8001-2

Remember, this is the COMPLETIST’S nightmare list.
There are other options for the “nearly every track” scenario.
Pore over the book and find them.