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European Tour Dates

This section lists tour dates in Europe, plus gigs in Israel, Scandinavia & South Africa.

With grateful thanks to John Braley.

Star Club Memorial
Derek & John - Hamburg, Germany, Easter 2002

My thanks for additional information to:
Marc Alesina, David Andrews, John Barry, Jerry Bloom, Rob Cox,
Didier Delcourt, Steve Evans, Luigi Fiumicelli, Derek Glenister, Ray Hearne,
Frank Howard, Paul Howard, Gösta Jannson, Aled Jones, David Kelly,
Bob Kinghorn, Malcolm Laswolz, Alain Mallaret, Steven Mandich,
Kevin McMahon, Brian Mellor, Leslie Miller, Michel Morley, Roberto Pancirolli,
Charlie Pastor, Pierre Pennone, Mick Ramsey, Richard Shield,
Tapio Vaisanen, Ian Wallis & Paul Young.

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