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(February 1961)

Have you ever seen almost the entire audience in the stalls of a theatre leave their seats and run down to the foot of the stage to applaud a finale for a full five minutes ?

Until last Sunday at East Ham Granada, I’d never known such a demonstration of enthusiasm, but to see a packed house rise to its feet and rush down the aisles was terrifying-for it could have had disastrous results for members of the audience and the cast on stage.

The show was the first performance of a package headlining Jess Conrad and Gene Vincent…

Gene Vincent was rather more uninhibited, kneeling on the floor and swirling the microphone about, and, sorry to report, even louder screaming and applause completely drowned his act. I did hear snatches of “Be-Bop-A-Lula” and “Say Mama,” however.