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Gene Vincent cuts short British tour

(August 1961)

Leaves for U.S. a sick man

AMERICAN rock star Gene Vincent has cancelled all engagements, including the final three weeks of his British tour, and has flown back to the States. He had been taken ill at his Glasgow date early last week and spent two days resting in the infirmary. He recovered sufficiently to complete two dates, at Lydley and Romford, and was then taken ill again.

Included in the cancellation were recording sessions with Norrie Paramor and EMI’s Luxembourg “Monday Spectacular.”

Manager Don Arden spoke to DISC after seeing Gene off at London Airport on Monday.

“He is definitely ill,” Arden said. “He is tired and his leg is giving him a great deal of pain.”

Gene broke his leg in a car crash eight years ago and today wears a brace.

“But,” said Arden, “he will be back. He will have a rest, and in a few days time I will be able to announce a return date. When Gene returns he will fulfil his engagements.”

(quoted in full)