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(New Musical Express)
(late May 1961)

It’s becoming quite a frequent occurrence for the NME to welcome Capitol’s Gene Vincent back to these shores. Once again the dynamic young entertainer is due into London Airport (today Friday) to begin another lengthy tour of the country.

But you can take it from me that there is absolutely no danger of Gene outwearing his welcome here. And I can offer you solid proof of the fact. For I am always impressed by the volume of readers’ letters about him.

Irrespective of whether of (sic ) not he has a current record hit, and regardless of the fact that he may not have a British tour immediately pending, the letters arrive in a steady stream all through the year, asking for details and news of this distinctive performer.

If the amount of correspondence we receive is anything to judge by, then Gene is in continual demand in Britain.

That’s why thousands of cheers arose from the throats of teenagers throughout the country, when they heard that their idol was scheduled to make another British tour this spring-despite the fact that his last tour here took place only three months ago.

There may also shortly be a further development in Gene’s career, which will give his many British fans even greater satisfaction if it materialises.

For some time, Gene has been tinkering with the idea of settling in this country permanently.

He likes it here very much indeed, and there’s no doubt that audience reaction to him over here is every bit as good as-if not better than-that which he receives in the States.

Decision ?
WE shan’t know exactly what decision Gene has come to on this subject until he arrives. But it’s possible that the visit that is due to start today may develop into residency.

Meanwhile, what has been officially lined up for Gene on this visit is an extensive ballroom tour, a spell in variety, a television appearance and a seven-day trip to South Africa towards the end of May.

It is possible that this current visit will help to create another hit for Gene, too. Capitol are issuing a new Vincent single next Friday.

The titles in themselves are not brand new. They are taken from his album “Crazy Times,” which was released here last summer. But they are two swinging tunes, ideally suited to his rip-roaring style, and his presence will no doubt help to boost them considerably.

The titles, by the way, are “She, She, Sheila” (sic) and “Hot Dollar,” so keep a look out for them.

Actually, Gene is now overdue for a hit. His last impact upon the charts was with his revival of “Pistol Packin’ Mama.”

But, although he subsequently came along with two further revivals of oldies, “Accentuate The Positive” and “Jezebel,” these didn’t register with the fans sufficiently to push them into the top table.

And the same applies to his last record released here, a February issue titled “If You Want My Lovin’.” But Capitol have great hopes that his next issue will fare appreciably better. We shall soon see.

But regardless of whether or not Gene is in the hit parade, his army of fans remain loyal to him. And there’s no doubt that they are all eagerly waiting for him to swing back into action around Britain once more.

(quoted in full)