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Vincent should record in U.S.

(20 May 1961)

There are rumours that Gene Vincent may decide to settle down in this country. That would be great. I think our fans know better how to appreciate Gene’s talents than the Americans seem to. Over there you have to have appeared recently in the charts or you are nobody.

What a strange attitude. As far as I’m concerned it couldn’t matter less whether Gene never makes the charts again. His records never fail to sell in large quantities-though over a longer space of time-and he remains in the front rank of exponents of the beat.

One thing I would suggest, though, is that Gene should continue to make his recordings in Hollywood with the backing he has on his latest “She-She-Sheila” (sic)/”Hot Dollar.” I must confess that I didn’t think the backing he had on his British-made efforts were up to standard.

“She-She-Sheila”/”Hot Dollar” takes us right back to vintage Vincent. More please.

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