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Faith, Vincent good but show is poor

(late November 1962)

Despite the colossal potential of a bill headed by Adam Faith and Gene Vincent, the package which opened at the Rialto, York, last week and which ends a three-week run at Leicester on December 9, is NOT likely to go down as one of 1962’s most notable efforts…Adam Faith is fortunate in having his own half “clean” being only preceded by his own polished group, The Roulettes…Gene Vincent was not so fortunate. He followed a weak first-half bill and had the disadvantage, I’m afraid, of The Echoes backing.

Vincent salvaged his act with “She She Little Sheila,” “Movin’ On,” “Be Bop-A-Lula” and “Tutti Frutti,” but never have I seen him work so hard to such heavy opposition.