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Gene Vincent moves into Kent

(August 1962)


WHEN Gene Vincent flew back into England last weekend it was a home-coming! He has finally decided that Britain will replace the United States as his home.

I was the first journalist to be a gust in the modern semi-detached house in Kent he calls home. Over dinner, Gene talked to me about his plans for the future.

One worry currently troubling him is that he must wait until next March before he can tour Britain again. He is still officially an American citizen and has already played the number of weeks allowed by his yearly working permit, he tells me..

Setting up home here has not been easy for Gene either. He still gets a pension of $127.10 a month from the American Army as a result of an accident on a motorcycle while he was on active service.

Although this pension is peanuts compared with what he earns from singing, it gives the Army some say in where he lives! However, he’s got permission to live in England now.

He has just recovered from a bout of ‘flu he picked up during a tour of Italy and a short residency in Germany, but put plenty of energy into his new Kent home.

He has only had a little time at the house because globe-trotting Gene is off again in a few days-to spend four weeks in Israel, followed by a tour of France.

Not being able to work in Britain has been something of a handicap to his new record “King Of Fools.” Television engagements to promote the disc this week had to be cancelled because his working permit does not allow them.

“King Of Fools” - a number written by Norrie Paramor’s assistant Bob Barrett and made here in July - was Gene’s third British recording session.

Gene was more than happy with the session, on which he waxed three other titles besides “Fools.” He was accompanied by Charles Blackwell, of whom he says: “He’s an extremely talented young man. I was particularly pleased with the ideas he came up with for “Be-Bop-A-Lula Twist,” the coupling to “King Of Fools.”

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