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(17 November 1962)

SENSATIONAL plans for Gene Vincent aim at making him one of Britain’s major attractions - on stage, TV and records.

For the American rock star now settled in a small Kent town is being negotiated for important deals in all three mediums.

Gene confirmed this week that he has no plans to work in the U.S. again. “I hope to return for a short visit during 1963 but that will only to see my mother and father. I SHALL DEFINITELY NOT STAY” he told DISC.

When he begins a tour with Adam Faith next Wednesday, fans will get their first sight of a new-look Vincent. The leather jerkin, always open at the throat with a chain and medalion slung around his neck will be gone.

“It is still predominantly leather but I wear a jacket instead of a jerkin, neat black tailored trousers, a white shirt with a frill front and a fly-away bow tie.”

Always happy when he’s on the road, Gene wants to tour a lot here. His working permit says he mustn’t earn in Britain again until next March.

“But they said that months ago and I’ve managed the tour with Adam haven’t I?” says the “Be-Bop-a-Lula” star who sounds determined to play more dates here soon after Christmas.

Of his tour with Adam Faith Gene said: “I think this is an ideal package. It’s a true contrast-an American rocker and a British beat singer.

“I like Adam and I’m sure we’ll get along swell. I first met him when we appeared on a television show together. I haven’t seen him work but I watched some of his recent TV shows.”
new song

Very soon we can expect Gene back into the recording studios with a possible rush release before Christmas. He has been waiting for the return of Sounds Incorporated from Hamburg to back him on a new song he has written himself.

Like many of the hits he has written the song has a strong story line but Gene is keeping the title very secret.

Incidentally, Gene is confident that Little Richard (whom he has known well for a long time) will change his mind about not returning to Britain for rock ‘n’ roll, and keep the planned tour date with Vincent-probably next April.

Meanwhile, Gene is hoping that the questionable permit will allow him to go out on the next Brenda Lee tour here.

Whatever happens we’re sure to be seeing a lot of the inimitable Mr. Vincent from now on.

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