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‘I could never shoot my wife’- SAYS POP-SINGER GENE

(24 September 1963)

Newspaper photograph


AMERICAN pop singer Gene Vincent, 28, talked last night of love and jealousy - and of the night he accused his London-born wife at gunpoint of having an affair.

Earlier, Gene had been fined £20 at London’s Marylebone Court for possessing two pistols and ammunition without a licence.

He was given a conditional discharge for a year on a charge of threatening his 28-year-old wife with a Luger pistol.

Gene and Margaret, pictured above, later kissed and made-up before going, hand-in-hand, to a BBC recording session.

Gene, real name Gene Vincent Craddock, told me: “The trouble began last week when I was in Hamburg. Friends told me of rumours linked with Margaret when we were last there.

“When I came back to London I questioned her. I felt as savage as any man can when he hears about such a thing.

Explaining that he had two guns, one a Luger, “knocking about” his flat in Notting Hill, Gene went on:

“But I could never have pulled the trigger. I could never have murdered her. I love her too much. I did it just to scare her.

“Now I know the rumours about her are untrue. Margaret is innocent-and she has forgiven me for my fit of jealousy.”

(quoted in full)