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Vincent begins ‘blitz’

(Early 1963)

AT long last Gene Vincent has been accepted as a British resident! The Capitol recording star from Norfolk, Virginia, will recommence dates here almost immediately to begin his planned “blitz on Britain.”

Radio and television appearances for him are being planned.

A few days after his return from a tour of France, Gene-resting at his new Welling (Kent) home-learned at the weekend that his application to work here had finally been approved.

His manager and agent, Don Arden, immediately set about booking dates for him which will be announced shortly. Recording sessions are expected almost immediately.

But a gap must be left in his itinerary for a second operation on his injured leg.

Among the contracts being negotiated for Gene is one by which he is expected to play Sunday concerts for promoter Arthur Howes in seaside resorts this summer. But August must be kept clear-Gene has been rebooked in France for the complete month.

Vincent’s French tour was hailed as one of the country’s most successful ever by a rock ‘n’ roll artist.

But again Gene narrowly avoided tragedy. He missed a train in Paris only to learn later that it had been derailed with the loss of three lives.

(quoted in full)