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Important CD issue of alt takes

Important Words CD cover

Title Label Number
Important Words UK Rockstar RSRCD 027

Rocky Road Blues(backing track)/Anna Annabelle(100/5)/Rip It Up(96/1,96/2)/Important Words(103/4,103/5,103/6)/Who’s Pushing Your Swing(99/5)/High Blood Pressure(98/2,98/3)/Lonesome Boy(85/2,85/5(excerpt),85/6)/Maybelline(97/5)/Gone, Gone, Gone(101/9)/You Are The One For Me(86/2)/I Might Have Known(102/3,102/4)/Beautiful Brown Eyes(95/10,95/11)/Crazy Beat(153/1,153/2)/I’m Gonna Catch Me A Rat(154/5,154/6)/It’s Been Nice (Goodnight)(155/10,155/11)/
That’s The Trouble With Love(156/6/M)/Good Lovin’(157/6/M,157/7/M)/Mister Loneliness(158/3/M)/Teardrops(159/13/M)/If You Want My Lovin’(160/5,160/6)/Spaceship To Mars(175/7/S,175/3/S)/There I Go Again (Whoops I’m Dreaming)(176/1,176/2)/Spaceship To Mars(175/32/M,175/33/M)/King Of Fools(181/5/M,181/6/M)/You’re Still In My Heart(182/6/M)/Held For Questioning(183/1/S)/Where Have You Been All My Life(199/1/S)/Temptation Baby(198/2/S)/The Beginning Of The End(200/2/S,200/3/S)/Spaceship To Mars(175/26/M)
(Important reissue of 1990 LP of alt takes supplemented by 13 previously unissued versions)