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Local paper review

(February 1961)

The ringing in our ears as we left the cinema, could mean only one thing. From the fans point of view the 1961 All Stars stage at Granada on Wednesday had been a great success. Nine great turns had the fans screaming throughout, and we had the usual battle between the singer and the band to see who could be heard.
Star of the show was Gene Vincent and with Vince Taylor, particularly, preceding him with a great performance, he had to work hard to prove he was the number one boy.
But of course being Vincent he did it. Besides his great singing he disregarded his crippled leg and raised the roof as he dived on top of the piano to encourage his pianist, almost shaking the amplifier off in his frenzy, then he and his guitarists were all down on their knees for his superb closing number ‘Be Bop A Lula’. In fact the fans were so carried away that when he paused for effect in the slow opening of “Blue Jean Bop’ they just could not stop screaming and seemed to put him off his song. He opened with ‘Hey Momma’ and besides ‘Blue Jean Bop”, and ‘Be Bop A Lula’, included his latest recording, ‘Mister Loneliness’.