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Magic Records Facsimile French EP Digipac Releases


Title Label Number
Right Here On Earth FRANCE Magic Records 3930462

Right Here On Earth(118/7/M)/Wild Cat(116/M)/Right Now(50)/The Night Is So Lonely(94)

Title Label Number
Gene Vincent With The Blue Caps Twist FRANCE Magic Records 3930463

I’m Going Home (To See My Baby)(171)/Mister Loneliness(158/7/M)/Hot Dollar(117/M)/Anna Annabelle(100/10)

Title Label Number
Be-Bop-A-Lula ‘62 FRANCE Magic Records 3930464

Be-Bop-A-Lula ‘62(184/2/M)/There I Go Again (Whoops I’m Dreaming)(176/8)/Spaceship To Mars(175/a/M)/King Of Fools(181/7/M)

Title Label Number
Baby Blue FRANCE Magic Records 3930465

Baby Blue(54)/Little Lover(70)/I Got A Baby(52)/Over The Rainbow(105)

Title Label Number
Inedits FRANCE Magic Records 3930466

B-I-Bicky-Bi Bo Bo Go(28)/Walking Home From School(51)/Who’s Pushing Your Swing(99/10)/Five Days, Five Days(35)