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New Tribute Collection From Norton On Vinyl LP & CD


Title Label Number
Kicksville Vol 4 USA Norton 320

My Little Mama (Gene Rambo & the Flames)/Hot Lips & Swivel Hips (Gene Rambo & the Flames)/Dance To The Bop (Gene Rambo & the Flames/Shake Rattle & Roll (Gene Rambo & the Flames)/Sweet Dolly, Pink Pedal Pushers & Bright Red Hair (Gene Rambo & the Flames)/Don’t Be Cruel (Gene Rambo & the Flames)/Reel & Rock With My Baby (Gene Rambo & the Flames)/Bad Times (Scotty McKay)/Don’t Wait (Scotty McKay)/Rockin’ Round The Tombstone (Casper & the Ghosts)/Evil Eye (Vince Murphy & the Catalinas)/Smooth Move (Vince Murphy & the Catalinas)/Your True Love (Bobby Rambo)/C’mon Everybody (Bobby Rambo)/Bony Moronie Twist (Bobby Rambo)/Honey Bunny Baby (Star Combo)/Hey Mama (aka Say Mama) (Gene Vincent & Ronnie Dawson)(81)/That’s All Right (Carl Canida & the Flames)/I Forgot To Remember To Forget (Carl Canida & the Flames)/My Babe (Kenneth Osmit)
“This SPECIAL DALLAS EDITION showcases the strong influence that Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps held over the wild bands on the Big D teen scene.”