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Ballads CD

Ballads Of Gene Vincent CD cover

Title Label Number
The Ballads Of Gene Vincent GERMANY Bear Family Records BCD 16846 AR

I Sure Miss You(4)/Wedding Bells (Are Breaking Up That Old Gang Of Mine)(8)/Up A Lazy River(10)/Unchained Melody(27)/Important Words(32)/Wear My Ring(42)/In My Dreams(47)/You Belong To Me(61)/Keep It A Secret(62)/Peace Of Mind(68)/Now Is The Hour(79)/Lonesome Boy(83)/You Are The One For Me(86/9*)/Maybe(87)/My Heart(93)/The Night Is So Lonely(94)/Over The Rainbow(105)/Weeping Willow(152)/There I Go Again (Whoops I’m Dreaming)(176/8)/Love Of A Man(172)/Where Have You Been All My Life(199/6/S)/Lavender Blue(215)/Someday (You’ll Want Me To Want You)(225)/Hi Lili Hi Lo(240/5/M)/Lonely Street(235/b/M*)/Scarlet Ribbons(271)/The Rose Of Love(320*)/Distant Drums(326)