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Kama Sutra Recordings Re-issue CD


Title Label Number
A Million Shades Of Blue Rev-Ola CRREV242

Sunshine(287)/I Need Woman’s Love(288)/Slow Times Comin’(289)/Danse Colinda(290)/Geese(291)/500 Miles From Home(292)/Listen To The Music(293)/If Only You Could See Me Today(294)/A Million Shades Of Blue(295)/Tush Hog(296)/How I Love Them Old Songs(297)/High On Life(298)/North Carolina Line(301)/You Can Make It If You Try(299)/Our Souls(302)/There Is Something On My Mind(300)/The Day The World Turned Blue(305)/Boppin’ The Blues(304)/Looking Back(307)/Oh Lonesome Me(303)/The Woman In Black(306)