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And Another Budget Compilation…


Title Label Number
Be Bop A Lula Lata LATA230

Be Bop A Lula(2)/Ain’t She Sweet(11)/Unchained Melody(27)/
Jezebel(3)/Bluejean Bop(15)/Woman Love(3)/Up A Lazy River(10)/
Peg O’ My Heart(7)/Hold Me, Hug Me, Rock Me(26)/Crazy Legs(6)/
B-I-Bickey-BI Bo Bo Go(28)/I Flipped(16)/You Told A Fib(19)/
Race With The Devil(1)/I Sure Miss You(4)/Cat Man(24)/
Bop Street(17)/Jumps, Giggles And Shouts(14)/
Double Talkin’ Baby(25)/Blues Stay Away From Me(22)
(I Flipped is unflawed on the issue)