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New Limited Edition Vinyl LP


Title Label Number
The Two Sides Of Gene Vincent 1956-58 JukeBox Magazine 001

LP cover
Wild Side
Bluejean Bop(15)/Who Slapped John(13)/
Red Bluejeans And A Pony Tail(34)/Double Talkin’ Baby(25)/
B-I-Bicky-Bi Bo Bo Go(28)/Brand New Beat(59)/Git It(65)/
Rocky Road Blues(71)
Sweet Side
Woman Love(3)/Jezebel(5)/Unchained Melody(27)/Cat Man(24)/
Frankie And Johnnie(60)/Baby Blue(54)/You’ll Never Walk Alone(51)/
Right Now(50)/The Night Is So Lonely(94)
Limited edition (300 copies) vinyl pressing from Jukebox magazine (France)