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2CD Set From Finland


Title Label Number
Maailman Tähdet (2CD Set) FINLAND VLCD 2231D

Be-Bop-A-Lula(2)/Say Mama(89)/Dance To The Bop(48)/
Unchained Melody(26)/Crazy Legs(6)/Who Slapped John(13)/
Your Cheatin’ Heart(53)/Cat Man(24)/Gonna Back Up Baby(12)/
Git It(65)/Hold Me, Hug Me, Rock Me(26)/You Better Believe(33)/
Blues Stay Away From Me(22)/Pretty, Pretty Baby(30)/
Jumps, Giggles And Shouts(14)/Red Bluejeans And A Ponytail(34)/
Jezebel(5)/You Told A Fib(19)
Lotta Lovin’(43)/Rocky Road Blues(71)/Cruisin’(31)/I Sure Miss You(4)/
Pink Thunderbird(29)/I Flipped(16)/Bluejean Bop(15)/Race With The Devil(1)/
Baby Blue(54)/Jump Back, Honey, Jump Back(20)/Woman Love(3)/
B-I-Bicky-Bi Bo Bo Go(28)/Peg O’ My Heart(7)/Rollin’ Danny(44)/
Bop Street(17)/Double Talkin’ Baby(25)/Ain’t She Sweet(11)/
Waltz Of The Wind(9)