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New 4CD Budget Box Set


Title Label Number
The Capitol Years (4CD Set) UK Chrome Dreams 823564621128

Bluejean Bop(15)/Jezebel(5)/Ain’t She Sweet(11)/
Jumps, Giggles And Shouts(14)/Who Slapped John(13)/
Wedding Bells (Are Breaking Up That Old Gang Of Mine)(8)/
Up A Lazy River(10)/Bop Street(17)/I Flipped(16)/Waltz Of The Wind(9)/
Jump Back, Honey, Jump Back(20)/Peg O’ My Heart(7)/
Red Bluejeans And A Pony Tail(34)/Unchained Melody(27)/
Hold Me, Hug Me, Rock Me(26)/You Told A Fib(19)/Cruisin’(31)/
You Better Believe(33)/Double Talkin’ Baby(25)/
Blues Stay Away From Me(22)/Cat Man(24)/I Sure Miss You(4)/
Pink Thunderbird(29)/Pretty, Pretty Baby(30)/Hound Dog(329)/
Be-Bop-A-Lula(328)/Lotta Lovin’(330)/Be-Bop-A-Lula(331)
Frankie And Johnny(60)/In My Dreams(47)/You’ll Never Walk Alone(51)/
Brand New Beat(59)/By The Light Of The Silvery Moon(49)/Flea Brain(58)/
Rollin’ Danny(44)/Your Cheatin’ Heart(53)/You Belong To Me(61)/
Time Will Bring You Everything(45)/Should I Ever Love Again(57)/
It’s No Lie(56)/Five Feet Of Lovin’(73)/The Wayward Wind(78)/
Somebody Help Me(72)/Keep It A Secret(62)/Hey Good Lookin’(75)/Git It(65)/
Teenage Partner(67)/Peace Of Mind(68)/
Look What You’ve Gone And Done To Me(74)/Summertime(76)/
I Can’t Help It (If I’m Still In Love With You)(71)/I Love You(66)/
Be-Bop-A-Lula(337)/High Blood Pressure(338)/Rip It Up(339)/
Dance To The Bop(340)/You Win Again(341)/For Your Precious Love(342)/
Well I Knocked Bim Bam(18)
My Baby Don’t ‘Low(104)/I Can’t Believe You Want To Leave(91)/
I Might Have Known(102/10*)/In Love Again(88)/
You Are The One For Me(86/9*)/Ready Teddy(106)/I Got To Get To You Yet(92)/
Vincent’s Blues(107)/Maybe(87)/Now Is The Hour(79)/
My Heart(93)/Maybelline(97/9)/Roll Over Beethoven(348)/
Over The Rainbow(349)/She She Little Sheila(350)/Crazy Times(113/M)/
She She Little Sheila(110/M)/Darlene(111/M)/
Everybody’s Got A Date But Me(120/M)/
Why Don’t You People Learn To Drive(112/M)/Green Back Dollar(114/M)/
Big Fat Saturday Night(115/M)/Mitchiko From Tokyo(121/M)/
Hot Dollar(117/M)/Accentuate The Positive(109/M)/
Blue Eye’s Crying In The Rain(119/M)/Pretty Pearly(108/M)/
Dance In The Street(64)/Lovely Loretta(69)
Woman Love(3)/Be-Bop-A-Lula(2)/Race With The Devil(1)/
Gonna Back Up Baby(12)/Crazy Legs(6)/Important Words(32)/
Five Days, Five Days(35)/B-I-Bicky-Bi Bo Bo Go(28)/Wear My Ring(42)/
Lotta Lovin’(43)/Dance To The Bop(48)/I Got It(41)/I Got A Baby(52)/
Walkin’ Home From School(55)/Baby Blue(54)/True To You(46)/
Rocky Road Blues(71)//Yes, I Love You Baby(63)/Little Lover(70)/
Say Mama(89)/Be Bop Boogie Boy(90)/Over The Rainbow(105)/
Who’s Pushing Your Swing(99/10)/Right Now(50)/The Night Is So Lonely(94)/
Wild Cat()116/M)/Right Here On Earth(118/7/M)/Anna Annabelle(100/10)/
Pistol Packin’ Mama(151)/Weeping Willow(152)/
If You Want My Lovin’(160/15/M)/Mister Loneliness()/158/7/M)/
I’m Going Home (To See My Baby(171)/Love Of A Man(172)