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And Another Budget 2fer With Bonus Tracks


Title Label Number
A Gene Vincent Record Date plus
Sounds Like Gene Vincent
Hoodoo Records HDR 263443

Five Feet Of Lovin’(73)/The Wayward Wind(78)/Somebody Help Me(72)/
Keep It A Secret(62)/Hey, Good Lookin’(75)/Git It(65)/
Teenage Partner(67)/Peace Of Mind(68)/
Look What You Gone And Done To Me(74)/Summertime(76)/
I Can’t Help It (If I’m Still In Love With You(77)/I Love You(66)/
My Baby Don’t ‘Low(104)/I Can’t Believe You Want To Leave(91)/
I Might Have Known(102/10*)/In Love Again(88)/
You Are The One For Me(86/9*)/Ready Teddy(106)/
I Got To Get To You Yet(92)/Vincent’s Blues(107)/Maybe(87)/
Now Is The Hour(79)/My Heart(93)/Maybelline(97/9)/
Dance In The Street(64)/Right Now(50)/
Walkin’ Home From School(55)/Rocky Road Blues(71)/
Who’s Pushing Your Swing(99)/Wild Cat(116)/Lotta Lovin’(43)/I Got It(41)