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New Vinyl Reissue Of Twist Crazy Times With Bonus Tracks


Title Label Number
Twist Crazy Times Wax Time LP 772076

Crazy Times(113/S)/She She Little Sheila(110/S)/Darlene(111/9/S)/
Everybody’s Got A Date But Me(120/S)/
Why Don’t You People Learn To Drive(112/S)/Green Back Dollar(114/S)/
Pistol Packin’ Mama(151)//Big Fat Saturday Night(115/S)/
Mitchiko From Tokyo(121/S)/Hot Dollar(117/S)/
Accentuate The Positive(109/S)/Blue Eye’s Crying In The Rain(119/S)/
Pretty Pearly(108/S)/Anna Annabelle(101/11)

Limited Edition 180g vinyl pressing of album + 2 bonus tracks