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Rock ‘n’ Roll Guitarists Themed Compilation


Title Label Number
The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Stringbenders Righteous PSALM 2384

Race With The Devil(1)/Be-Bop-A-Lula(2)/Woman Love(3)/
Gonna Back Up Baby(12)/Who Slapped John(13)/
Jumps, Giggles Aand Shouts(14)/Bluejean Bop(15)/
I Flipped(16)/Well, I Knocked Bim Bam(18)/
Jump Back, Honey, Jump Back(20)/Teenage Partner(21)/Cat Man(24)/
Double Talkin’ Baby(25)/Hold Me, Hug me, Rock Me(26)/
B-I-Bickey-Bi Bo Bo Go(28)/Pink Thunderbird(29)/Pretty, Pretty Baby(30)/
Cruisin’(31)/You Better Believe(33)/Red Bluejeans And A Pony Tail(34)