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A letter from legendary Capitol producer Ken Nelson

July 5, 1998

Dear Derek

Thank you for your Discography of Gene. I find it most complete and containing information that I had no knowledge of.

I do not recall ever overdubbing any of Gene’s records however it is possible that I did. It might be possible that the overdubbing was done in England.
I’m enclosing my log of the sessions, dates, master numbers, T is the album number and R is the release number. I hope the info is of some use to you. I think this is complete but I can’t guarantee it.

Thanks again for your great book.

Best wishes to you and yours

Ken Nelson

[Ken misunderstood a question I asked him about the versions of Lonesome Boy, You Are The One For Me, and I Might Have Known which have been re-issued by Capitol lacking the original backing vocals by The Blue Caps. I was trying to find out from Ken whether in the last sessions by Gene and The Blue Caps (in October 1958) the backing vocals were over-dubbed after the main tracks had been cut, as opposed to his earlier practice of cutting everything live. We now know that the backing vocals were indeed over-dubbed onto the master takes.]