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Songs in Film/TV Soundtracks Updated

A new item has been added to this listing - Grantchester TV series

European Tour Dates Updated

Following the publication of Garrett McLean’s GENE VINCENT Gloire Et Tribulations D’Un Rocker En France… a number of changes have been made in the 1962, 1963, 1964, 1967, 1969 & 1970 European Tour Dates sections regarding Gene Vincent’s gigs on the Continent.

For Completists Page Revised Again

Following queries from collector John Lloyd, the Completists listing has been revised to include mono masters not included on The Road Is Rocky CD box set.

Search Inside! facility now available

A few pages sample of the sessionography of GENE VINCENT A Companion can now be accessed on-line at Amazon UK

Bear Family Box Set wins award

Jukebox Award Ceremony 8 January 2006
On 8 January 2006 at cidisc in Paris, Jacques Leblanc, proprietor of Jukebox magazine (left), presented the awards for Best Reissue of 2005 for the “GENE VINCENT The Road Is Rocky” Box Set to Hermann Knülle (centre) of Bear Family Records and Derek Henderson (right).

Jukebox No227 Février 2006 contained a 5 page review of the CD Box Set by Didier Delcourt. See Excerpt

Jukebox magazine March 2006 cover
Jukebox No228 Mars 2006 contained the following:

Report in March 2006 edition of Jukebox magazine on the award ceremony

Le fantastique coffret Bear Family consacré à Gene Vincent “The Road Is Rocky”, incluant 8 CD et un livre grand format,a enthousiasmé la rédaction de Juke Box Magazine, d’où la couverture du No227. Un double prix spécial a été remis à Hermann Knülle, dirigeant de Bear Family, et Derek Henderson, concepteur du coffret, par Jacques Leblanc et Didier Lorgeoux.
A cette occasion, Thierry Liesenfeld et Didier Delcourt, fans parmi les fans et collaborateurs de JBM, ont rejoint Hermann Knülle, Derek Henderson et Jacques Leblanc pour une indispensable photo de famille.

“The Road Is Rocky”, the fantastic Bear Family box set devoted to Gene Vincent, including 8 CDs and a large format book, filled the editorial staff of Juke Box magazine with enthusiasm, hence the cover of No. 227. A special double prize has been awarded to Hermann Knülle, director of Bear Family, and Derek Henderson, producer of the box, by Jacques Leblanc and Didier Lorgeoux.
On this occasion, Thierry Liesenfeld and Didier Delcourt, fans among fans and contributors of Jukebox magazine, joined Hermann Knülle, Derek Henderson and Jacques Leblanc for an indispensable family photo.

(Thanks to Nicola Thwaite for translation)

A letter from legendary Capitol producer Ken Nelson

July 5, 1998

Dear Derek

Thank you for your Discography of Gene. I find it most complete and containing information that I had no knowledge of.

I do not recall ever overdubbing any of Gene’s records however it is possible that I did. It might be possible that the overdubbing was done in England.
I’m enclosing my log of the sessions, dates, master numbers, T is the album number and R is the release number. I hope the info is of some use to you. I think this is complete but I can’t guarantee it.

Thanks again for your great book.

Best wishes to you and yours

Ken Nelson

[Ken misunderstood a question I asked him about the versions of Lonesome Boy, You Are The One For Me, and I Might Have Known which have been re-issued by Capitol lacking the original backing vocals by The Blue Caps. I was trying to find out from Ken whether in the last sessions by Gene and The Blue Caps (in October 1958) the backing vocals were over-dubbed after the main tracks had been cut, as opposed to his earlier practice of cutting everything live. We now know that the backing vocals were indeed over-dubbed onto the master takes.]