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(Probably a national newspaper)

Says rock star Gene Vincent

A HOAX telegram sent American rock star Gene Vincent home to America from Britain, he revealed yesterday.

Earlier this month, Gene announced from the stage of a Nottingham theatre that his eighteen-month-old daughter Melody, had died of pneumonia.

Gene, who said he had had a telegram containing the news, left Britain a few days later.

He did so after asking to be freed from a variety tour and Blackpool season contract.

But Melody is alive and last night she was playing happily at the Vincent home in Vancouver, Washington.

And in Hollywood, Gene’s manager “Norm” Riley said: “This is really a tragic story and I hope the good people in England will understand.

“I spoke to Gene’s wife yesterday and she says she certainly didn’t send a telegram.

“Remember, this poor boy was in a terrible accident when his best friend, singer Eddie Cochran, was killed. That was on April 17.

“He had a broken shoulder and possible brain concussion, but he walked out of the hospital after two days.”

Gene told a reporter: “I’m trying to find out who sent the telegram. My wife’s name was on it, but she swears she didn’t send it.

“Melody is in fine condition and was never ill.” He added that he was prepared to return to England to continue his tour.

In London Larry Parnes, Gene’s British manager, has said that the matter is in the hands of lawyers.