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The 1970 LPs Gene Vincent KSBS 2019 and The Day The World Turned Blue KSBS 2027 were issued on pink labels with a variety of different text imprints, i.e. at least four different pressings of KSBS 2019 (one promo in two sleeves with different promo/radio station stickers, and three different regular releases);
Promo labelLabel 1
Promo label / Regular label 1
Label 2Label 2
Regular label 2 / Regular label 3
and five different pressings of KSBS 2027 (two promos with additional different promo stickers, and three different regular releases).
Promo 1Promo 2
Promo label 1 / Promo label 2
Label 1Label 2
Regular label 1 / Regular label 2
Label 3
Regular label 3