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Another USA Coloured Vinyl Pirate Single

In A Collector’s Corner (p151), amend the sentence beginning “In the USA, a series of nine white label…” to read:
In the USA, a series of ten white label…” and add to the list “F3450 (yellow)”

Italy 45 Label Variations

Most, if not all, of the 45s issued in Italy had three variations of the label (see examples below):

Italy 45 label #1 Italy 45 label #2
Italy 45 label #3

Another German Promo

Another German white label promo single has been found (Capitol F 21571).

More Label Colour Variations

Amend entry for Best Of Gene Vincent to:
“…there are four different label colours for… (black, rainbow, green and red)”
and entry for Best Of Gene Vincent Volume Two to:
“and three for… (rainbow, yellow/light green and red)”

More LP Label Design/Colour Variations

Page 150
Add to the USA section:
The 1970 LPs Gene Vincent KSBS 2019 and The Day The World Turned Blue KSBS 2027 were issued on pink labels with a variety of different text imprints, i.e. at least four different pressings of KSBS 2019 (one promo in two sleeves with different promo/radio station stickers, and three different regular releases);
Promo labelLabel 1
Promo label / Regular label 1
Label 2Label 2
Regular label 2 / Regular label 3
and five different pressings of KSBS 2027 (two promos with additional different promo stickers, and three different regular releases).
Promo 1Promo 2
Promo label 1 / Promo label 2
Label 1Label 2
Regular label 1 / Regular label 2
Label 3
Regular label 3

UK 45rpm Capitol Singles Label Designs

There were two label designs for UK Capitol singles. From 1956 to 1958, issues 45-CL 14599 to 45-CL 14868 inclusive, the design was as below:
Capitol 45rpm label original design
From 45-CL 14908 onwards, a modified design was used. Because Be-Bop-A-Lula 45-CL 14599 remained in catalogue, when it was re-pressed after this, it was produced with the new design shown below:
Capitol 45rpm label design 1958 onwards

Coloured vinyl correction

The Japanese LP This Is Gene Vincent Capitol OLP 36 (1959) was issued in black and in red vinyl pressings.

Greece - unusual single

An unusual public issue 45rpm single from Greece

Title Label Number
Who’s Pushing Your Swing(99/10)/
Choo Choo Cha Cha(by Rinky Dinks)
Capitol 45-CG 11

A side:

Greek single release A side

B side:

Greek single release B side

Some more rarities…

Four more white label promo singles have been found, one from Italy (Capitol 45 QLC 161), and three from Germany (Electrola F 3839, Capitol 1C 006-81 259 & Capitol 1C 006-81 708).

Electrola label

There are white label promo LPs of Gene Vincent’s 20 Greatest Japan ECS 90053 (1971) and The Day The World Turned Blue UK Kama Sutra 2316 005 (1971).

There is a third pressing of the UK release of Hot Rod Gang EP, i.e. there are 2 different label designs in the first sleeve showing the “EXTENDED PLAY” imprint in different places.

UK Hot Rod Gang EP label

Secondly, the sleeve issued in Chile had a green, rather than red, tint on the front of the sleeve.

Regarding Japanese singles, a red vinyl copy has been found of ECR 10262. Furthermore, it seems that whereas red vinyl copies were issued by Capitol/Toshiba, most black vinyl releases are from Capitol/Shibaura. There are, however, also a number of parallel releases of black vinyl singles from Capitol/Shibaura and Capitol/Toshiba ( e.g. 7P 145, 7P 146), the Capitol/Toshiba copies being issued with additional inserts and the Capitol/Shibaura copies mostly in plain sleeves.
In the Netherlands there are a number of early singles issued with

Dutch single with centre

and without push-out centres.

Dutch single without centre

The Germany Bird Doggin’ LP Impact IMLP 400454 (1987) was issued on white vinyl.