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6 Page Article On Gene’s 2nd Album


Magazine cover

Issue 12 (July 2014)

Contains article in the Classic Albums feature including section
Derek Henderson on the Bluejean Boy…

Magazine page

Part Two Of A To Z Of The Blue Caps


Now Dig This UK
Issue No. 373 (April 2014)

Contains Part Two (6 pages) of The A to Z of Gene Vincent’s Blue Caps (…and associated musicians) by Steve Aynsley

7 Page Illustrated Article On The Blue Caps


Magazine cover

Now Dig This UK
Issue No. 372 (March 2014)

Contains Part One of The A to Z of Gene Vincent’s Blue Caps (…and associated musicians) by Steve Aynsley

Four Page Article In Swedish Magazine


Rock’n'Roll Magazine Sweden
Issue 4 (2013)

Contains 4 page illustrated article Gene Vincent – en svårslagen rockrebel Lädermannen in Swedish (Gene Vincent - An unbeatable rock rebel Leather Man) by Av Börje Lundberg

Two Page Illustrated Article In Magazine


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Now Dig This UK
Issue No. 363 (June 2013)

Contains Gene Vincent in South Africa by Derek Henderson

8 Page Article In Magazine


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Issue 6 (Spring 2013)

Article contains book recommendation
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Jukebox Magazine Special Edition


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Jukebox France
No 15 (2011)

40th Anniversary Salute


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Now Dig This UK
No 343 (Oct 2011)
Contains 5 page spread of B&W photographs His Career In Pictures
plus a 1970 interview with Cliff Gallup by Rob Finnis

Jukebox Magazine


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Jukebox France
No 299 (Oct 2011)

Another Magazine Article

Let’s Rock And Roll France
No 10-11 (1971?)

A New French Book


French book cover

Jean-William Thoury GENE VINCENT Dieu du rock ‘n’ roll (in French)
Camion Blanc France (2010) ISBN 2357790849 (pp 398)

A dance, a fashion, a musical style, an attitude, a way of life. Rock ‘n’ roll is all these and much more. For fans, it is also a religion. In this world of iconography, Gene Vincent, angel and devil, saint and martyr, is the subject of a fervent cult. John-William Thoury passionately recounts his strange and terrible fate.

Another Illustrated Book From France



Yvonnick Guitton GENE VINCENT The Boss ‘56
From Nashville To Hollywood
(in French)
Shastra Press France (2008)
(Large format pp300 with numerous colour illustrations)

New Book & Tribute LP From France


Garrett McLean
GENE VINCENT Gloire Et Tribulations D’un Rocker En France
Et Dans Les Pays Francophones
(in French)
Thundersound Productions France (2010) ISBN 978 2 7466 2075 9
(Large format pp276 with numerous B&W & colour illustrations
plus a vinyl LP of cover versions & music in the style of Gene Vincent

Title Label Number
They All Wanna Sound Like Gene!!! Thunder Records Thunder 003

For LP content see New Tribute LP Included With Book

Article In Classic American Car Magazine

Classic American UK
Issue 230 (June 2010)
(contains 3 page article on Gene Vincent)

Two Issues Of French Crazy Bear Magazine

Crazy Bear France
Issues 22 (1990) & 29 (1994)

1960 Gene & Eddie Tour Memorabilia Collection


Folder back coverFolder front cover

Brian A. Rushgrove 50th Anniversay Gene Vincent Eddie Cochran Tour 9Teen60
(Unstapled folder of B & W photocopied press cuttings, posters, programmes, ticket stubs etc (40pp A4))
Private publication UK (undated 2010)

New Magazine Piece On Gene In France

Jukebox magazine cover
Jukebox France
No 270 (June 2009)
Un Americain à Paris Christian Nauwelaers

Now Dig This Retro Interview


June 2008 Now Dig This magazine cover
Now Dig This UK
Edited by Trevor Cajiao
No 303 (June 2008)

Contains reprint of interview (pp12-14) from April 25th 1970 issue of UK magazine Music Now

Coffee Table Book On Rockabilly


The Rockabilly Legends book cover

Jerry Naylor & Steve Halliday The Rockabilly Legends
(Contains 8 page chapter on Gene Vincent)
Hal Leonard Corporation (2007)
ISDN 9781423420422

(This is a tie in with The Rockabilly Legends DVDs & CDs)

New Book On Gene & Eddie In The UK


Things Do Go Wrong cover

Spencer Leigh
(Illustrations by John Firminger)
Things Do Go Wrong
Finbarr International (2008)
ISDN 0952950073

Norway Fanzine


ROCK #3 Norway (1987)
Contains 20pp on Gene Vincent

New Gene Vincent Cartoon Book

Cartoon book cover

Rodolphe & Georges van Linthout Gene Vincent, une légende du Rock’n'Roll (in French)
DARGAUD France (2007)
ISDN 978 2 205 05885 7

A 68 page book of cartoons on the life of Gene Vincent

New Book With Section On Gene Vincent


Jerry Bloom Black Knight RITCHIE BLACKMORE
(pp51-9 concern Gene Vincent)
Omnibus Press UK (2006) ISDN 1 84609 266 3

…Vincent archivist Derek Henderson recalls a gig where it was impossible to ignore the onstage discord: “I’ve one clear memory although I can’t put an exact date to it. At the instrumental break in a song Gene was really goading Ritchie to ‘Go!’, whacking the mic stand near him and moving closer in an obviously aggressive manner, with Ritchie looking decidedly overwhelmed and disconsolate, not looking Gene in the face but watching his fingers…And I have to say, not playing in a very fluid manner.” (p53)

1986 Magazine


ROCKIN’ 50s USA Issue #2 (October 1986)

Another Periodical #3


Greatest Hits UK No. 1 (February-March 1981)

Another Periodical #2

Revival back coverRevival front cover

REVIVAL UK Issue Four (October 1979)

Another Periodical


Dave Laing (ed) Let It Rock The New Music Review
Nile Books UK (November 1974)
Contains The Gene Vincent Story

Japanese R&R Record Collectors Magazine

Forever magazine cover

FOREVER JAPAN No. 3 (1974) (In Japanese)

Article marking 35th Anniversary of Gene Vincent’s Death

Goldmine magazine 27 October 2006
Goldmine USA Vol 32 No 22 (27 October 2006)

Contains 2 page article Gene Vincent: How A One-Hit Wonder Achieved Mythic Status by Dan Moore

As Derek Henderson, record producer and writer of Gene Vincent A Companion recalls…

It was his appearance on the Boy Meets Girls TV show that had people’s mouths hanging open. This programme, we only had two channels of TV then, was compulsory viewing for all young people. We’d seen nothing like Vincent before. Bill Haley and the Comets’ tour of 1957 was a huge success and garnered wide publicity because, well let’s face it, he was pretty safe. Vincent on Boy Meets Girls was rock ‘n’ roll as we had imagined it listening to the early Elvis and Jerry Lee recordings, dangerous. The image appealed to the working-class boys and put off the girls, but his ability to sing like an angel, such as with ‘Summertime’ did appeal to them…

When Eddie was tragically killed on the last day of the tour and Gene injured again, he began to acquire mythic status. His ’shows’ were nothing like other performers, who posed and sang their songs. When he was on stage he was consumed by his music, utterly unpredictable. There was no pre-rehearsed act, he would smash mic stands, leap headlong onto the piano, collapse on his knees, hold the mic stand above his head, and never, ever look at the audience, gazing upwards in a sort of rapture. They were amazing performances for a crippled man.

Magazine With Section Marking 50th Anniversary Of Be-Bop-A-Lula

Now Dig This cover June 2006

Now Dig This UK No 279 (June 2006)

French magazine with extensive review of The Road Is Rocky Box Set


Jukebox France Fèvrier 2006
(See Bear Family Box Set wins award)

Two more magazines


Blue Suede News No 20 USA (Winter 2002/2003)
Rock ‘N’ Roll Scene UK (October 1970)

New publication on The Rockers

Steven Myatt (ed) The Rocker Years:
Bikes, Birds & Music

(Contains chapter Eddie and Gene)
Mortons Media Group Ltd UK (2005)

Important, but expensive, new book

Spectacular Documents cover

Author Title ISDN
Yvonnick Guitton Spectacular Documents  

Private publication France (2005)

Another magazine article


MOJO UK (Issue 28/March 1996)